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Turkeys at Old Cogan Hall Farm are reared traditionally, they arrive at the farm as day old chicks. You will notice the difference in flavour as it is worlds apart from the mass produced intensively reared product. Our turkeys are plucked by hand and sold oven ready (with giblets so you can make a wonderful rich gravy)..

Each bird is weighed and priced individually. We make every endeavour to match your order to the size requested but please be aware it is not an exact science.

Demand for traditional meat with a known provenance is growing and consumers want reassurance of the quality of the product they are eating.
At Old Cogan Hall Farm we can give you that assurance. With over 80% repeat custom early ordering is highly recommended.

christmas-turkey-2011turkeycollection5Turkeycollection4Turkeycollection2Fresh Turkey

Kept to organic standards our birds are barn reared.

We believe that collecting your Farm fresh turkey from us should be the start of Christmas and you will find a warm welcome awaits when you arrive to collect your turkey at Old Cogan Hall Farm.


Weight Range
5 – 6kgs (11 – lbs) 8 – 10
6 – 7kgs (13 – 15lbs) 10 – 12
7 – 8kgs (15 – 17½lbs) 12 – 14
8 – 9kgs (17½ – 20lbs) 14 – 16
9 – 10kgs (20 – 22lbs) 16 – 18
10 – 11kgs (22 – 24lbs) 18 – 20



Approx size Price per lb
Turkey Small under 14 lbs £5.00 per lb
Turkey Medium 14 to 20 lbs £4.45 per lb
Turkey Large 20 lbs plus £4.15 per lb
Turkey Crowns £9.50 per lb


Deposit required minimum £20

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Collection times on the 23rd and 24th December are as follows :-

Wednesday 23rd December 2pm until 6:30pm
Thursday 24th December 9am until 1pm prompt!
Birds ready from 23rd, earlier collection than times posted,may be possible but by appointment only please.

Payment by cheque or cash please.

Please note these servings are not exact, and are to be used as a guide only.

Our turkeys are individually priced and weighed in pounds.
The price you pay will be the actual weight multiplied by the price per pound.


Our Xmas shop is now open please visit to reserve your Turkey this Xmas. Reserve Your Turkey Here